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Dermatology cases can be challenging and solving the problem can require a multimodal approach to treatment and prevention.  Virbac's dermatological products address a wide range of skin disorders. We use a colour-coded categorization for easy identification, helping to simplify your recommendation and to select the right combination of products for each patient's unique skin condition.

Allergic Dermatitis Allergic Dermatitis is characterized by excessive itching that results from an underlying condition such as allergies, parasites or skin infection. Virbac offers a full range of shampoos, lotions, sprays and essential fatty acid supplements for use in pets to make them more comfortable.
Keratoseborrheic Disorders Keratoseborrheic Disorders involve conditions such as sicca (dry, scaly, dull-skin coat with white or gray scales present) or oleosa (oily skin and hair coat, yellow brown clumps of fatty material, a rancid odor, or waxy, malodorous ears). Virbac offers nutritional supplements and shampoos to help pets with excessively oily or dry skin.
Infectious Dermatitis Infectious Dermatitis, characterized by skin inflammation, can result from a variety of conditions. Virbac offers a range of solutions from shampoos to sprays and leave-on lotions to treat these common skin conditions.
Otitis Externa

Otitis Externa, defined as inflammation of the epithelium lining the external ear canal, is a common and painful condition in pets. Virbac offers a range of proven ear cleaners to aid in the management of otitis externa in dogs and cats.


Categories: Allergic Dermatitis

Species: Cats, Dogs, Horses

EPI-SOOTHE<sup>®</sup> Shampoo picture

A natural oat-grain derivative, soap free shampoo designed for soothing and cleansing dry and sensitive skin in dogs, cats and horses of any age.

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Epi-Otic® Advanced Ear Cleanser

Categories: Otitis Externa

Species: Cats, Dogs

Epi-Otic<sup>®</sup> Advanced Ear Cleanser picture

Recommended for the routine cleansing of ears in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

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