Kidney & Urinary Health

PRONEFRA® Palatable Oral Suspension

A unique 4-in-1 oral suspension to support the normal function and health of kidneys in cats and dogs.

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Oral solution
    Oral solution

PRONEFRA® Oral Suspension is a palatable solution to support normal renal function and health of the kidneys.

  • Highly palatable liquid suspension, for an easier administration vs. capsules and tablets
  • Combination of two intestinal phosphate binders decrease dietary availability of phosphorus
  • Natural fish protein hydrosylate is known to contribute to maintaining balanced blood pressure1
  • Chitosan supports normal kidney function.




  1. Pripp AH. “Effect of peptides derived from food proteins on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.” Food Nutr Res. 2008 Jan.

Note: Virbac Canada's products are available from veterinary clinics. To find out what your pet needs, ask your veterinarian. Detailed technical information for veterinarians is available from a Virbac Territory Sales Manager.

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