VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter Pet Food for Cats

These diets are purposely designed to support your spayed or neutered cat's nutritional

needs throughout their life.

(If your cat really had nine lives, we'd support all nine.)



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The Science: Obesity & Pets in Canada

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At Virbac, we understand the importance of having a pet spayed or neutered.

What you might not realize is that spaying and neutering also adjusts the animal's energy requirements and voluntary appetite.1 In fact, after the spay or neuter procedure, your cat’s risk for obesity more than triples.2


VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter Pet Food for Cats at a Glance

Bowl of food.pngHere’s a quick overview of how this cat food nourishes your cat (and simplifies your feeding routine).


Four Special Benefits

  • Nutritional balance for a feeling of fullness, energy throughout the day, supporting appetite control and (for adults) weight management

  • Formulations for different life stages, to support the different needs of kittens’ (juniors) or adult cats’ bodies

  • High-quality animal protein to support appetite control and a healthy metabolism, nourish healthy growth (Junior diet) and support an optimal weight (Adult diet) for your cat. Animal Proteins tend to be more digestible than plant proteins and contain all essential amino acids for dogs and cats including those amino acids involved in appetite control.3-5 

  • Weight management for all body sizes and types, for indoor and outdoor cats, with precise feeding guidelines so you know your cat is always getting the nourishment they need


Clear Labels & Feeding Guidelines

Figuring out the best combination of ingredients for a cat food can be complicated. Figuring out what’s in your cat’s food — and how much of it they need — should be simple. Take a look at our labels for precise, easy-to-understand information.


Junior & Adult Diets for Spayed or Neutered Cats

Our Junior cat food is packed with nutrients that nourish healthy growth and support a healthy metabolism for your spayed or neutered kitten’s still-developing body. And our Adult cat food encourages lean muscle mass for a healthy weight. Both formulations focus on prioritizing the calorie contribution from proteins, with moderate fat and minimal carbohydrates, for complete, balanced nutrition that delivers the appropriate amount of calories for spayed and neutered pets.

Where to Buy

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VETERINARY HPM® Spay & Neuter Pet Food for Cats is available exclusively from your veterinary clinic.

Please check with your clinic if they use an online store for online purchases that can be delivered to the clinic or your home. 


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